A trip to Branson isn’t complete without some adventurous thrill rides. There’s no better way to experience them than at Bigfoot Fun Park

Located just a quick 10 minute drive from the campground, Bigfoot Fun Park is located between Branson’s Theater District and the Ruth and Paul Henning Conservation Area, giving Bigfoot explorers a one-of-a-kind view from the top of many rides. 

One such ride is the Bigfoot Gravity Bomb. Riders will experience a scenic ride to the top of the 200-foot tower before being dropped into a heart-pounding free fall to the bottom. 

If the height of the Gravity Bomb seems right up your alley, make your way over to the Bigfoot Super Sling. This tower sits at 200 feet in the air as well but rather than experiencing a straight down descent, riders will be seated back-to-back and shot straight up into the air. After a few swings, flips and circles you’ll feel as if you’re flying! 

For a more relaxing adventure, head over to the Ozark Expedition Tours. Experience three different tours of the Ozarks, from mild to wild, all from the seats of a 4×4 safari truck. Visitors will be taking on a off-road tour through the hills, get up close and personal with some local cows, and join the local Bigfoot Research Team. Tours last around 90 minutes and are family friendly. 

Bigfoot Fun Park features activities for all ages including mini golf, arcade games, an entertainment maze and more. Whether you’re traveling with the family or just a kid at heart, the park is a fun-filled adventure for everyone. 

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