When it comes to fishing, not all bait is equal. From artificial to live, each kind has its own strengths and weaknesses. Different fish also have preferences as to what will attract them. Here are a few tips to make the most of your bait.

On the artificial side of things, spinners are a great choice for beginner anglers. These feature a long metal shaft attached to a blade that spins under the water. These work great in muddier water, where visually attractive lures wouldn’t be effective. Jigs are a more jack-of-all-trades type of bait, useful for many different types of fish. You’ll need to keep them moving by reeling them in, otherwise they’ll simply sink.

As far as live bait goes, worms are a staple for all fishers. They combine large fish appeal and an inexpensive price tag. It’s always good to have a supply of these on hand. Worms don’t do well staying on the hook, so be prepared to replace them often. If your fishing location has a stronger current or the fish keep taking your worms, try leeches instead. They are much better at staying on the hook. Keep in mind, however, that fish aren’t as interested in them as worms, so you’ll have to have some patience.

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