The Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum provides an abundance of fascinating exhibits to expand your knowledge. There is no end to the wonderful and educational experiences to have with your family!
Exhibits range from African wildlife to exploring the things that make our planet unique. The exhibit Our Living Planet, provides an in-depth look into our wonderful world. You’ll explore what makes Earth so different from other plants as well as how it can sustain life while others can’t. The exhibit also features the world’s largest and most accurate fiberglass globe—a truly impressive sight!
Another interesting exhibit is Life on Top: Apex Predators. You’ll witness incredible scenes of life in nature recreated and explore the characteristics and environment of predators. With its intricate examination of the relationship between predator and prey, you’ll love this deeper look into our planet’s amazing wildlife.
For more information and details on all the exhibits on display, visit the museum’s website here.
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