Encountering a bear while camping can present a very real danger. Jordan Bonte of Liberty Voice provides these tips that could save your life.

What to Do if You See a Bear

Stay calm. Either stand your ground or slowly back off in a diagonal manner. It’s important to remember not to run because this action could make the bear want to chase you.

Food Attracts Bears

Bears have a keen sense of smell, so store food in containers that are labeled “bear safe.” Food stored in a plastic bag will not be safe from a hungry bear. If a bear gets to your food, keep away from the animal until it walks away. Don’t approach the bear or try to provoke or anger it. Keep at least 100 feet away.

Avoid Bear Encounters

Don’t walk in wooded areas or go hiking at dawn or at dusk, as bears are more active during these times. In hiking during the day, it is best to do so in a group of three or more people, since most attacks occur when a person is alone or with only one other person. Bears protect and defend carcasses, so stay away from dead animals and report them to the ranger station or visitors’ center.

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