tentYou see so many motorhomes in campgrounds and on the road that you may sometimes wonder if the popularity of tent camping is waning. The answer is not at all, according to Hartt Wixom of The Spectrum and Daily News, a Utah newspaper. Upon visiting Zion National Park campground, he noted tents of all colors and shapes outnumbered the RVs. Backpackers will always need tents, and aside from this group, a portion of the camping populace will likely continue to prefer tents over motorhomes.

Based on Wixom’s experience, he offered tips for tent camping:

  • Choose Springbar styles because they are easy to set up and stay up. Another nice feature is they don’t have a cumbersome center pole.
  • Select a tent with tucked under canvas seems rather than seems that turn up. This can prevent leaks that lead to soggy bedrolls.
  • Since most of the cold comes from the ground, use a tent cot to stay warmer.
  • As tent camping involves a little more work, the endeavor is a great way to teach children responsibility. Delegate and divide the duties, putting each child in charge of a task. This enables every member of the family to feel like they make an important contribution to the success of the camping trip.