Destinations in Florida, Texas and other points south beckon snowbirds every winter, as the balmy climate permits an escape from snow, ice and frigid temperatures. Many of these visitors from the north choose to make their home away from home in an RV park.

When they lodge at campgrounds, snowbirds find that the stay offers more than a reprieve from unpleasant weather.  As regular guests who come every year, they share common interests with the other campers and form wonderful friendships. Activities like bingo, shuffleboard and line dancing offer many opportunities to socialize. In addition, depending on the activities offered by the campground, snowbirds often can learn new skills such as woodworking or glass crafts.

Camping resorts provide several options for those who choose to leave their homes for several months each year. Aside from standard sites for motorhomes, campgrounds offer the rental of park models, so it isn’t actually necessary for campers to have their own RV. For those seeking more rustic accommodations, spaces are available for tents.

With all the amenities campgrounds have and with the choices they offer, it is no wonder snowbirds flock to them every year to get away from Old Man Winter. A prolonged stay in these southern parks is a most enjoyable experience.

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