One of the advantages of camping is being able to unplug from technology and connect with nature. However, the broad scope of apps available can enhance your camping experience without detracting from your enjoyment of the great outdoors. Below are some apps recommended by Autostraddle.

Planning apps can save time and make the process a breeze. Oh Ranger! can help you find a park near your location. It even permits you to search by activity, enabling you to find a campground with the amenity you desire. AccuWeather can keep you appraised of the latest forecast and know what gear to pack.

You should not embark on a trip without one or two practical apps that could keep you safe in an emergency. Help Call can connect you to the police, fire or ambulance, while Survival Guide can tell you what to do if the unexpected happens.

Nature apps are educational in an entertaining way. Star Walk tells you the names of the stars and constellations at which you are looking, while Bird’sEye North America lets birdwatchers see the reports of bird sightings in their area, categorized by species.

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