While staying in a hotel, when was the last time another patron knocked on your door and asked you where you are from and where you are headed next? Should such an inconceivable event occur, it would likely elicit a response ranging from wary suspicion to fear.

Conversely, such conversations are as natural as breathing when staying at a camping park. The camping experience creates an immediate bond leading to camaraderie, and complete strangers can quickly become friends. In an interview with Huffington Post, Randy Hendrickson, president of Horizon RV Resorts, pointed out the social element as one of the stark contrasts between campgrounds and hotels. Camping is not only conducive for deepening bonds between family members but also for creating them between fellow travelers.

While the social differences between the two entities seem fixed, other differences are blurring. Today’s campers are being offered a wider array of options that include cottages, park models and glamping. However, these developments don’t detract from the social advantages that seem inherent in any kind of camping, regardless of whether it involves staying in a tent or in a glamorous cottage.

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