The popularity of Craigslist acts like a magnet to attract con artists, who rely on the anonymity inherent in its system to snare victims. While scams  involving jobs, housing and merchandise associated with this online ad board have been publicized, it appears that the RV industry is not exempt from these wolves looking for prey.

A recent report details a Craigslist scam targeting people looking for RV lots in North Dakota. The victim sent a $300 MoneyGram as a security deposit before realizing the information in the Craigslist ad was false. Fortunately, in this case the perpetrator was arrested.

Many RVers are over 60, an age that tends to be more trusting because they were raised in a more honest era. Unscrupulous people trying to make an easy buck are aware of this vulnerability and seek to take advantage of it.

Craigslist advises people to avoid fraud by conducting business transactions locally. They warn not to send money by Western Union, MoneyGram or any other means to a person who professes to be out of the country or area, preventing him from dealing with you in person.

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