In the southernmost tier of states, early spring is one of the best times to go camping. Temperatures of March and April are mild and balmy, usually not turning excessively warm until May. Also, by this time of the year, the season is well advanced and the azaleas, wildflowers and many other blooms are in their full glory.

Camping in the more northern areas of the country can be rewarding as well during the early spring but for different reasons. After the long hibernation imposed by winter’s bitter chill, cabin fever can set in, making people long to be outdoors. It’s wonderful to hike through the wilderness, filling your lungs with fresh air and observing the very first signs of spring, which are such welcome harbingers of warmer temperatures ahead. Another advantage of camping in the northern states during this time is the privacy, solitude and blissful quietness that reign before the season is in full swing. If the nights are too chilly, you can always get comfortable inside a cabin or RV.

Other nice aspects of spring camping include bird watching and star gazing. The bird watching season is in its prime, and this period is one of the times of year when the night sky is adorned with the most stars.

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