The pleasures associated with autumn may make it the most desirable time of year for a camping trip. As the stifling heat of summer is past, the weather can be ideal for hiking and outdoor activities. Since school has resumed the crowds have thinned out, making the experience more peaceful and quiet. Perhaps best of all, the flaming colors of foliage provide a glorious feast for the eyes. And what can be better than sitting around a campfire, enjoying a mug of hot chocolate or spiced cider with family and friends.

In light of these advantages, fall is an excellent time to camp. The Wilderness Society gives these tips to help in planning your trip.

  1. The cool fronts of the season can bring rain, snow and severe weather, so check the weather forecast before you go.
  2. Bring layers of water-resistant, breathable clothing. Pack a jacket even if the weather is warm.
  3. Pack cold-weather sleeping gear such as sleeping bags suitable for 1-30 degrees Fahrenheit. Also. bring a mattress pad to have an additional layer between you and the cold ground.
  4. Prepare for the possibility of rain. Pack watertight containers, and put a layer of plastic garbage bags inside your backpack to keep your belongings dry.
  5. Invest in a tent with a good rain-fly.
  6. Some animals can be more aggressive as winter approaches, so get rid of trash to avoid attracting bears. Watch out for beehives as well.
  7. Keep your distance from wildlife because they are often involved in fall mating rituals.
  8. Should the weather turn ugly, be prepared to make a hasty retreat. Bring along extra money is case you need to spend the night in a motel.

Check our Access Camping website frequently for tips.