In reviewing the RV industry in Canada during the past year, several trends are apparent. CNW Canada Newswire provides a summary of some of the top ones, including strong RV sales, an increase in the popularity of camping and a change in ownership.

  1. Rather than the populace of RV owners being dominated by senior citizens, the majority are now under the age of 55. Young families and outdoor enthusiasts have joined retirees in embracing camping.
  2. With the cost of RV units starting at only $6,000, more people are entering the world of camping by taking advantage of some of the lower priced models. Towable RVs were the most popular unit sold this year.
  3. Although some travel sectors are struggling in the economy, RV sales are increasing significantly.
  4. Most Canadian RVers proclaim RVing to be the best way to travel and see the country.
  5. A study comparing RVing to other modes of travel found that this form of vacationing can be as much as 78 percent less expensive than the alternatives. The savings come from the low cost of lodging and the convenience of being able to prepare meals in the RV.

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