Have you ever thought of being a campground host? The Gazette in Colorado Springs reports on some of the rewards and realities of this lifestyle. A casual observer may think it is a dream job, but although it has some considerable pluses, it is also hard work. While the rewards include getting paid to camp and living amidst what is often breathtaking scenery, the job involves multiple duties and often exceeds 40 hours of work per week. Moreover, some of the duties are not pleasant, such as cleaning latrines and scooping ashes from fire pits.

In certain areas of the country, the job only runs from late May to Labor Day, so it attracts retirees who are looking for additional income. Anyone considering such a prospect should love the outdoors and be a people-person, as the lifestyle involves much interacting with campers.

Despite the work, it can indeed be a dream job. Ruth Williams, a campground host in Colorado remarks that although she has a TV in her motorhome, she rarely watches it because nature puts on a better show. As she drinks in the sight of the lake, hills and snow-capped peaks, she expresses how wonderful it is to have such a view in her own backyard.

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