Two important pieces of legislation that Texas Campgrounds has been overseeing passed the legislature last week, leaving one last step before they become the law of the land. 

HB 2636, concerning the liability of RV parks and campgrounds, and SB 594, regarding water billing, were both passed out of the House and Senate and just need the signature of the Governor to become official. TACO will be monitoring their progress through this final step as the session winds down and relay their progress to the membership. 

TACO Stopped RV Site Tax

As important as what TACO supports to get on the books to help RV parks and campgrounds, is what TACO opposes to keep off the books that would hurt the industry. Such was the case with HB 5136 suggesting an RV site tax to fund a local fairground. TACO testified vehemently against it to go along with dozens of comments from you, the membership. It did not make it out of committee. 

Still Pending – Fighting the Good Fight

We still have a ‘standards bill’ HB1286 that we are pushing to the very end and of course with have a trained eye on Property Tax reduction, which is likely to go to a special session. Stay tuned for subsequent updates. 

TACO Scholarship Information

The TACO office is now taking applications for the four TACO scholarships available. These scholarships, valued at $500 each, were created to go towards an employee or family member of a current TACO member to use towards their education. It can be used towards college tuition, technical school training, industry seminars and more. Click here to view the requirements and submit your application today. The deadline to receive applications is July 1st at which point TACO will review and award the scholarships no later than 30 days after. 

TACO Guide Requests

The latest edition of the TACO guide is FLYING off the shelves! If you would like more cases shipped to you, completely FREE of charge, to hand out to your guests, click here and make your requests today!