Little changes can make a big difference when it comes to livening up your favorite summer foods. Whether you’re heading to a potluck or having a quick bite between activities, why not try something new? Start with some easy swaps, and you’ll be coming up with your own creations in no time!
Switching up sandwich bread is the perfect way to ease into making changes to your favorite foods. Try an Italian sub on focaccia or grilled cheese on Texas toast. If the bread is your least favorite part of a sandwich, try scooping out a crusty roll or using lettuce leaves instead. Any sandwich can be turned into a salad, but don’t stop there! Cold pasta or rice makes a great base for your favorite sandwich toppings. Use traditional Cobb or Greek salad toppings to keep the flavors familiar or branch out and make your own combinations.
Move beyond lettuce and tomato on your sandwiches to really increase the flavor and texture. Craving crunch? Try adding some onion strings or potato chips. Layer in cucumber slices or roasted red peppers for unexpected flavor and a boost of nutrients. Even something as simple as changing the type of lettuce or cheese can pull you out of a food rut. Why not try butter lettuce or arugula instead of iceberg? Using Havarti or Muenster instead of Swiss provides a slightly different taste that still feels familiar These simple tips will take your summer meals to a whole new level.
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