Renting an RV is a great option for camping novices who are unsure if this activity is right for them. RV camping is more comfortable and involves less work than tent camping, so an RV rental is a good way for first-timers to make a tryout. If after a few trips you decide you love this mode of vacationing, you can consider a purchase.

You have two choices for rentals: towable trailers and motorized vehicles.

  • Towable trailers can be towed by midsize vehicles, and most of them come with kitchens, bathrooms and sleeping areas. This choice has the disadvantage that a family can’t more around in it during driving, but it has the advantage of extra mobility.
  • Motorhomes provide temporary living quarters. An advantage is comfort, but a disadvantage is more difficult mobility once your reach your RV park.

Before you decide, research and read. Seek out experienced RVers in online forums, so you can ask questions and get advice.

After you have taken your first trip and have enjoyed the respite from the pressures of daily life, the beauty of the outdoors and quality time with family, you may find you’ll want to repeat the experience again and again. Once they try it, many people are hooked.

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