A wonderful motorhome trip can turn into a tragedy in the blink of an eye if certain precautions are not taken. SellMyRVToday.com provides the following safety tips to keep in mind when traveling.

  • The most fundamental rule is for all passengers to buckle their seat bests. This one practice can make the difference between being uninjured in a crash or sustaining serious injuries.
  • Don’t leave valuables in your motorhome, as tourists are popular targets for thieves. Remember to lock your vehicle at night.
  • Exercise precautions to avoid a fire. If you smoke, it’s best to do it outside. If you build a campfire, keep the door and windows of your vehicle closed, so that embers can’t drift inside.
  • Be sure you know exactly how much overhead clearance your motorhome has. Exercise extra care when driving under bridges, gas station canopies, tree branches and fast food drive-through lanes.
  • Be aware of swing clearance as well so you won’t run into anything when you turn.
  • Get help when backing up. Regardless of how experienced you are, it’s a good idea to have someone guide you by standing at the driver side rear corner.

Don’t fall victim to the common belief that an accident or mishap can’t happen to you. Slow down and be extra careful when driving under structures or backing up.

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