Whether it involves a large family reunion or a get-together with a few relatives, group camping offers several advantages. This mode of lodging is very economical, and due to the abundance of campgrounds around the country, it is easy to select a park that is centrally located to all the parties in the group. Moreover, the setting is relaxing and kid-friendly, providing campers with areas to sit together and visit or play sports and games. Most of all, group camping will unquestionably foster a bonding experience, creating wonderful memories.

In planning such camping trips, keeping in mind a few tips will help. Pick a park that has group sites, so your party can set up their tents in community-like style. Preparing meals as a group is also a good idea, as everyone shares in the preparation as well as the fun. Get organized about packing, making sure you will have enough folding tables, chairs and other essentials.

Imagine sitting around a campfire in the evening, roasting hot dogs and catching up on the lives of loved ones and friends. Group camping is definitely an unbeatable way to have a reunion.

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