One of the best ways for everyone in the family to enjoy the outdoors in winter is to strap on some snowshoes. Snowshoeing is easy to learn for all ages. It’s also low-impact, so even those with health or balance issues can participate. Plus, the views as you glide across the snow can’t be beat!
Snowshoeing is as easy as walking. The grips on the snowshoes provide stability on the icy surface. Using poles helps provide additional security. While you will get health and fitness benefits from snowshoeing, it’s easy on the joints so all ages can enjoy it. Those wanting more of a challenge only need to attack steeper trails and go further.
One of the best places in Utah to snowshoe for beginners is practically in Miller Meadows’ backyard. Provo River Parkway is one of the easiest trails in the state. Since it’s a paved path the rest of the year, it provides a stable surface. This makes it the perfect introduction to snowshoeing. As a bonus, you’ll have fantastic views of Utah’s tallest waterfall. In the winter, Bridal Veil Falls is 600-feet of frozen magic. For more information on Provo River Parkway, you can visit this website.
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