Although summer may be the most popular time for camping, engaging in this activity during cooler weather may be the most ideal, according to Ray Sasser of SportsDayDFW. This may be particularly true in the southern tier of states, when camping in the peak season involves dealing with very warm temperatures.

Once the calendar moves more deeply into autumn and the outdoors is cooled with nature’s air conditioner, some of the pleasures of camping acquire an extra punch. Rising on a crisp morning and sniffing the appetizing aroma of breakfast sizzling in a pan is one such pleasure. Another is huddling around an open fire in the evening, roasting hot dogs and making s’mores. Additionally, some families create special Thanksgiving memories by fixing a turkey with all the side dishes in a Dutch oven at their campsite, Robert Owen, Texas Outdoor Family program coordinator, relates to Sasser.

You can choose a campsite location based on what activities you enjoy, notes Sasser. Fishing enthusiasts can select a park on the banks of a lake, while stargazers can opt for a campground that is distant from the lights of a sizable town. Wherever you decide to stay, you’re sure to find camping in the cooler weather to be a delight.

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