Today’s campers from the baby boomer generation don’t fit the stereotype of campers from earlier generations. Rather than lounging around a swimming pool, enjoying long days of leisure, they are active and interested in acquiring new skills. Shunning a sedentary lifestyle, they are likely to be developing their artistic talents in calligraphy, wood carving or ceramics, as well as taking classes of Tai Chi or attending seminars from Ivy League University instructors. This generation seems to thrive on entertainment and learning new things.

The RV parks of today that cater to retired boomers offer more special events, classes and activities. Arts and crafts can be of high quality and wide ranging, such as stained glass, pottery and watercolor painting. Likewise, those interested in dancing, can learn many forms of this activity, including in-line or square dancing. Boomers also want to expand their mind and knowledge through attending lectures on diverse subjects. Some parks in the south that are trying to attract snowbirds are doing all this and more.

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