Maintaining your garden is key to insuring that your plants and produce thrive. Here are a few tips for keeping your garden looking fantastic all summer long.
Keeping the soil moist during the summer heat is key, but many people over-water. Your best bet is to check the recommendations for the types of plants you have as well as checking the soil before watering. Adding a layer of mulch on top can help retain the moisture and keep the soil from drying out.
Too much sun can also cause damage to sensitive plants, so carefully monitor the amount of sun each area receives at different times of the day. If one variety of plant isn’t thriving, it may just need a relocation to somewhere with more shade.
Keeping up with weeds as you spot them is a great way to make garden cleanup easier and keep your plants healthy. Make sure to grab the roots as you remove them. When pulling weeds, it’s also a good time to prune dead leaves and stems from your plants.
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