While coffee has been around for a very long time, over recent years it has entered into a new renaissance. So many options await both experienced and novice coffee drinkers. Nothing can compare to the smell of fresh coffee brewing, and these days it’s really fun to be a coffee lover!
Coffee shops have returned as neighborhood gathering places. You can even pull up a chair and work while you enjoy your drink. Many are pet-friendly, often providing special treats for pups. Travelers can find comfort in local coffee shops when feeling homesick. They are also great places to learn about the town. Employees and owners are usually more than happy to give information on events and sights.
Legends have coffee originating in Ethiopia then migrating to other parts of the world via the trade routes that carried silk and spices. While about a third of the world’s coffee comes from Brazil, other countries such as Vietnam and Columbia produce coffee as well. Hawaii and California represent the United States’ primary contribution to the market.
Each type of bean has its own distinct flavor. The style of roasting also affects the taste of the drink. It’s worth trying a range of beans to determine the flavor that suits you best. Someone who thinks coffee is bitter generally hasn’t found the right blend for them yet. If caffeine affects you a little too much, make sure to try the various decaf varieties. They’ve come a long way in flavor from the orange-rimmed diner pots we always see on television!
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